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Live Your Best Life!

A beautiful chilly crisp morning - a long hectic day ahead, you look at your watch (read phone) and take another sip of that lovely strong coffee. You are in control, you know you can deal with what the day throws at you. But where is the train- you look anxiously at the screen overhead. ‘Cancelled’ - your heart sinks, you will not make it, you will be late for the most important meeting of your life! This is not how it was meant to be - you were meant to be in control but now - you are a victim of destiny. The only option for you is to wait another 20 minutes and reach an hour and a half late. You just have to go with it now - you need to take the slowcoach!


So you take it - you drop your files you keep your phone in your bag and you look out of the window - there is nothing you can do but take it slow now, you stare into the outside world and suddenly feel the breeze on your face. It suddenly makes you feel alive, you let your mind and thoughts wander, and then look aimlessly at the people and the buildings and the sky. And guess what! the world didn’t come crashing down.


It happens to all of us. We rush through our lives so much that we forget what it is to feel alive. We forget how long each minute is - it takes a slow coach to make us realise that life is not meant to be rushed though mindlessly, it is meant to be savoured, lived and enjoyed.


We all need a slow coach sometimes to tell us we are meant to move, but slowly, mindfully, enjoying the monotony and enjoying the unknown. So, take the slow coach, live the life you want to, eat the food you want to and sit down and take a moment to enjoy your existence!

We realised half-way through our lives what really makes us happy. It has been a journey - a journey of self-discovery and this journey has made us live our lives differently.


At Slow Coach, we travel and we create beautiful spaces, and the more we travel, the more we open up and grow. We share stories and travel itinerary from our travels through our travel blogs with you. We also bring the vibe and energy from all around the world into your space (home, office, shop) through our interior design services to create a space that makes you feel ‘alive’ each day!

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