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Cinque Terre 

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea Cinque Terre (pronounced ‘chin - queh - terray’) are 5 very colourful villages on the rocks! The compact and tall buildings, the harbour and the shining turquoise waters of the sea give them that iconic and tempting look! What is amazing is how over centuries the inhabitants of these lands have worked with the topography of this place and carved out this colourful palette against the bright and sunny Mediterranean backdrop! Being on the Mediterranean Sea offers bountiful seafood, along with the local wines, olives and basil.

From something that could have been very uninhabitable to something that has old school charm and a romantic vibe, Cinque Terre has no wonder attracted poets and writers and still attracts people from all over the world wanting to escape the daily hassles and into this place where man and nature sit in perfect harmony!

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