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10 Experiences Not To Be Missed While In Malta

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Sunset from Tigne Point

1. Sunset from over Valletta from Tigne Point beach in Sliema area: This is a hidden gem of Malta for the stunning views of Valletta at sunset yet not crowded! We only found a few locals at this spot, some were there just to take a swim. As the sun set and Valetta lit up, it was a magical feeling to see it from the other end! There are also some good restaurants around to wrap up your evening nicely!

St. John's Co-Cathedral

2. Visiting to St. John's Co-Cathedral: This is special for many reasons- the splendid and theatrical baroque architecture is to be seen to be appreciated. From ornate marble flooring to striking vaulted ceilings there are arts and embellishments everywhere. Also worth a visit to see the paintings of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Pastizzi at Caffe Cordina

3. Eating a traditional Maltese Pastizzi at Caffe Cordina: Founded in 1837 this place is one of the best spot to try Maltese Pastizzi. Very popular among locals and tourists, inside and outside seating areas are always teeming with people. The service does take time but who complains when you are sitting under the Mediterranean sun in a city like Valetta. We tried one of the best pastizzi along with a cup of coffee here.

Narrow alleyways of Mdina

4. Exploring the old city of Mdina: Build during 8th century by the Phoenician settlers the fortified city of Mdina is one of the top tourist attractions of Malta and has a charming but mysterious feel to it. Also called the silent city, the golden hue of the buildings, the brightly coloured doors framed by bougainvillea flowers just transports you to another world.

Dwerja Bay and broken Azure Window

5. Visiting Dwerja Bay in Gozo: Though the Azure window collapsed in 2017, this is still a place that is a must see in Malta, clear waters and the limestone cliffs make it truly Mediterranean.

Salt Pans of Xwejni

6. Visiting Xwejni Salt Pans: Oldest working salt pans that was started by the Phoenicians and still used by the Gozitans, the history and the passion of the people still keeping this century old method alive is worth appreciating.

7. Visit to Blue lagoon: The Blue Lagoon located on the island of Comino, is another must see place known for its crystal clear turquoise waters and jagged cliffs. Our plans were washed down due to the heavy rains unfortunately.

Popeye Village

8. Visiting Popeye Village: Photographs don’t really capture the feel of this place. It does look like it popped out of a storybook and it is definitely worth a visit to just see the village which is actually the film-set of the Robbie Williams starring musical of 1980

Fisherman village of Marsaxlokk and heerful luzzu

9. Visiting Fisherman village of Marsaxlokk: The colourful and cheerful luzzu (fishing boats) anchored on the bay, the blue waters of the Mediterranean and the general vibe of the place makes it a must see. The restaurants offer some delicious sea food and a walk around this place is very relaxing.

Limestone rock formation by wind

10. Visiting St Peter’s Pool: Though the drive through the narrow roads, the unusual car park can be a bit of a dampener, this inlet pool and the large limestone rocks carved into amazing shapes by years of sea wind make it a breath-taking place to see, swim and dive.

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