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About Us

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We are just another couple next door, trying to make the most of our time on this beautiful planet! We live in the UK in the stylish yet homely town of Ascot - renowned for the royal races. We have a little boy who has inherited all the genes for good food, travel and beautiful surroundings.


Like a lot of couples, we are two very different people! Joy is an extremely passionate photographer, travel researcher and cook. He lives to travel and travels to experience the world, its people, its food! A perfectionist to the core, he has an unlimited supply of energy and enthusiasm, which works for me because I am the day-dreaming, idealist romantic ....


Something that completely changed the way we look at our lives happened in 2010. Joy lost his job and I was on temporary assignment. A lot of other things were going wrong. Money was tight and our spirits were low.


We decided to do something crazy - we booked back to back trips to different places with all the savings we had and went travelling.


Travel is therapeutic! It changes your outlook and it suddenly makes the impossible seem possible… we had no money left but we came back with so much positivity and a better understanding of each other. We travelled more and every time we came back our home looked a little different, as we bought some of the vibe back with us. Our travels inspire our living (and our living room) and slowly we have started to look at life differently - we choose to live our best life, because whatever happens we know we will be ok ....

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