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Since the start of time people have travelled, initially driven by survival, then by trade and exploration. It has shaped the way the world looks today and how it will look tomorrow. 

But why do we travel - there are numerous surveys done to understand why, but the ones we want to talk about is when you travel because you really want to - 'wanderlust', the desire to travel, to explore the unknown, is an urge that can be pretty strong in some people, whereas in some it may be unsettling (well because it is indeed ‘unsettling’). 

We belong to the first tribe - both infected by the travel bug, but in very different ways. Sitting on two ends of the spectrum - one loving the thrill of spontaneity and the other meticulously researching every aspect of the place, maybe this is what makes it work! 

The reason we love travelling is because it puts you in your place by plucking you out of your place!! Being taken away from your routine, from your comfort zone helps you put things into perspective - Your mind opens up, your outlook changes - you see that although vastly different from the outside, we are all the same inside! 

But to experience the true joys of travel one needs to let go! Let go of inhibitions, prejudices and opinions and connect with the locals, eat their food, feel the place, its energy and its soul. 

And to enjoy it so, take the Slow-Coach! Mindful travelling helps you enjoy and truly experience the place and at the same time protects the place - excessive and mindless tourism can also be extremely damaging to a place.

  • Travel light and take steps to reduce waste and pollution

  • Contribute to the local economy and small businesses

  • Be mindful of the local culture and people

  • Be present! Enjoy the experience


Then when you go back home, you realise that everything has stayed the same, what has changed is YOU - a bit each time - and here we share stories from our travels, stories that have changed us, and continue to change us, a bit each time. We hope you enjoy the stories and perhaps find schedules that work for you - to help you experience something that you always wanted, or maybe just remind you of your travels and what you felt when you looked out of the window of the slow coach!

Places We Have Visited

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