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What was once only a source of energy and nourishment has evolved over the years to become an identify of cultures and a celebration of life - food is much more than just food! It is something that distinguishes cultures as well as brings humans together! 


Our love affair with food is not new either! ‘What’s for dinner’ has always been less of chore and more of the ‘exciting’ bit of the day. On our travels, the local food and the local markets are always the highlight, as there is something magical about food that opens up a window to the soul of a place. Food creates connections and that is what makes it so much more than just a source of sustenance. And the more we travel, the more we bring back ingredients and keep building on our 'favourite recipes' from around the world. We want to share with you all our food (and drink) adventures, from the deserts, mountains, coasts and our kitchen and everything in between!

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