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Camden Food Market– Our Pick from the Food Extravaganza

London is a melting pot of cultures of the world. A lot of rich food culture with origins from all parts of the globe give London the truly international vibe that exists today. Some of them retain their age-old historical recipes and some have evolved over the years to suit the growing population of food lovers who are hungry for novelty when it comes to food. As such it is not possible to cover all these food hot spots in a day or two, so you need to pick the top locations and start from there. When we lived in London almost a decade ago, Camden was a very different place, but today it packs all the flavours and an amazing relaxed bohemian vibe. As much as the food is a reason to draw you in, the youthful vibe adds to the flavours we think!

As non-Londoners now, we returned to get a taste of the food scene and soak in all the atmosphere! Here are our top picks to satisfy your taste buds, all in a day!

Kati roll at Kolkati

  • Kolkata style Kati roll at Kolkati

True to it’s name 'Kol-kati’ brings one of the most popular street food of ‘Kolkata’, the ‘kati’ roll to the heart of London. According to their website Kolkati founders Kate and Jack brought back the much-loved ‘kati’ roll to London after their 5 month trip around India (including Kolkata). Rolled in parathas (flaky Indian flat bread) well-seasoned and spiced chicken or paneer are served with fresh tomato, green chillies, coriander and sliced onions, just like the way you would find on the busy streets of Kolkata. We tried both chicken and paneer and were immediately filled with nostalgia and fond memories from back home!

Fried halloumi at Oli Baba's

  • Halloumi Fry at Oli Baba’s

This stall in Camden food market serves a number of middle eastern street food. However, the show-stopper is the deep fried halloumi cheese. Cut into long strips, the halloumi is deep fried and served hot with homemade middle eastern sauce, honey, fresh chopped herbs and a sprinkle of pomegranates.

Juicy and flavourful burger from Burger and Beyond

  • Burger at Burger & Beyond

Any burger lover who happens to be at Camden, must stop by at Burger & Beyond at the food marked. Their burgers are made to perfection,- juicy and succulent meat patty smeared in sauces and hugged by soft buns – exactly as it should be! Bite in and don’t think about the calories!

Zala Grill's lamb shawarma

  • Shawarma Lamb Shoulder at Zala Grill

The one stop shop for trying out traditional middle eastern food in the Camden food market. The use of authentic ingredients and simple cooking makes each dish taste even better. Though we were spoiled for choices, we opted for Shawarma Lamb Shoulder. The soft and flavourful meat sat inside fresh pitta bread, topped with yogurt based sauces and freshly chopped middle eastern style salad.

Instant lab-made icecream from Chin Chin Lab

  • Ice cream at Chin Chin Lab

Creating quite a buzz in the Camden Food market, this ice cream shop looks more like a science laboratory and the fun part is that you can watch the magic in front of your eyes! All the ingredients of the ice cream are frozen almost instantaneously using liquid nitrogen. We were told that this process of instant freezing makes the ice-cream smoother as it prevents formation of tiny ice crystals which happens in conventional ice cream making. The end result is a cup of super rich and creamy ready to be devoured!

Authentic Latino style fried chicken at El Pollote

  • Fried Chicken at El Pollote

This fried chicken stall in Camden food market is a haven for authentic Latino flavours. Deep fried chicken (boneless pieces or wings) are coated in Latino sauces and served with skinny fries, pickled vegetables and topped with more sauces and chilli flakes to bump up the heat! They also sell these in burger buns with your choice of sauce, cheese and more!

Juicy and succulent grilled steak from Stakehaus

  • Steak at Stakehaus

If you love steaks and fries, then look no further beyound Stakehaus in Camden food market. Their perfectly cooked juicy steaks and the crunchy rosemary fries will win your heart and will satisfy your soul. The steak and chips are served with homemade sauces which elevates the experience one step further! Apart from fries they serve steaks with onion rings as well, we opted for onion rings for a change!

Authentic arepa at Arepazo Bros

  • Venezuelan Street food at La Cartelua at Arepazo Bros

If you want to try some authentic Venezuelan street food in Camden food market then you have to head to Arepazo Bros for some Arepa. A staple south American street food mainly from Venezuela and Colombia, Arepas are stuffed cornmeal cakes which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, packed with shredded chicken or beef, cheese, black beans and avocado. At Arepazo Bros, we tried La Cartelua with a filling of shredded chicken.

Grab and Go - simple yet flavourful hotdog from Of My Dog

  • Hotdogs at Oh My Dog!

If you fancy American style street food, then this hotdog place in Camden market is for you! The prime quality and relatively large sized frankfurters are served within homemade brioche bun and topped with home made ketchup, other sauces and toppings. We tried the hotdog with fried chopped onion and homemade ketchup!

Temple of Boba offers a range of flavours of bubble tea

  • Bubble tea at the Temple of Boba

This bubble tea shop is not exactly located inside the main Camden food market, but on Buck street market, which is stone’s throw away from the Camden food market. Located on the first floor of Buck street market which is made from repurposed shipping containers , this boba shop serves a huge variety of milk based and fruit based bubble tea. You can also create your own mix of flavours. We tried Taro milk tea (milkbased) and Rose tea (fruit based) bubble tea. This place is a great location to call it a day with some refreshing drink after a full day of food exploration in the Camden food market.


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