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Our travel map of Hungary

Hungary had been on our radar for a long time! Not only because it is packed with stunning architecture and mouth-watering food, but also because we have friends there. We think it just adds that little dusting of magic when you go to explore a new country and get the chance to find comfort with your old friends! 

Hungary has a quite a magnificent personality! On one side you have imposing architectural grandeur, on the other you have very humble and comforting local cuisine. Throw in lots of thermal springs (most any country on the planet has - more than 1,300!) and history that dates back to the 9th century! Did we mention that Hungary also has its own cowboys called csikós? It goes without saying that Hungary keeps you interested!  

Like always it really helps to catch up on some history of the place before you visit it. It gives you that much needed context and adds so much more meaning to what you see and feel.  

When we were there, the sun shone with all its glory, and that made the cold weather quite desirable. And the abundance of good quality, sumptuous cuisines (read calorie packed) kept our foodie souls very happy! Though there were places on our wish list, that we couldn’t visit due to renovation and restoration work, we have come to understand that like life, travel is also very unpredictable and that’s why it is such a great teacher and leveller! You are always at the mercy of the travel Gods who have this love hate relationship with the weather Gods! Even the data heavy digital world doesn’t allow you to ‘plan’ everything! 

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