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Poland is much more than meets the eye! A country with a fascinating history which disappeared from the maps for over a century but came back into existence due to the immense national spirit of the people, only to be devasted again by World War II. In spite of its long and painful past, Poland has emerged from its ashes and is today a place full of life! With its rich history and architecture still preserved in former capital Krakow, Poland has one of the world’s oldest yet operational universities, the largest medieval town square in Europe, flanked by the beautiful Tatra mountains. We loved energy and vibes on its streets, the helpful and friendly people, went a bit crazy over the gorgeous but functional Bolesławiec pottery from the middle ages and ate to our hearts content at the at traditional rustic restaurants, trendy cafes and pocket friendly Michelin star restaurants. 

But what made our trip extra special was the presence of our lovely friends and hosts that showered us with so much love and hospitality, driving us around to their favourite spots, telling the little-known stories and tales of the places and spoiling us with the amazing food! This has indeed been a very emotional and memorable trip for us which we will cherish for the years to come! Here is our travel blog from out trip to Poland.

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