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Switzerland is on most people's bucket list and for good reason! Blessed with some out of the world scenery, this country makes you connect with nature and lose yourself completely ... in the misty mountains, the endless velvety green meadows and pristine turquoise lakes. The sound of flowing water, cowbells ringing and the gentle touch of crispy cold breeze is enough to send you in a deep state of reflection or get your mind and body buzzing with that good feeling! And the great thing is that walking, hiking and skiing is so ingrained in the way of life that you can always find something matching your abilities! So there is no excuse to not immerse yourself in the lap of nature and come out feeling refreshed and relaxed, even though your heels may be aching and your back sore, there is something magical about a journey within nature. There were so many times that we pulled out our phone to capture a phenomenal view but realised it just isn't the same ... some things are just to be experienced and felt, our travel blog is a humble attempt to capture this 'feeling' and share it with you.

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